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Epilepsy Warning (P4)


Help -Technical Support (P4)
If you encounter difficulties installing or running Divinity: Dragon Commander, do not hesitate to contact our technical support department by email or via the official forum.
Technical support:
Please include the following information in your correspondence:

  • Language and version: Tell us what language you are running and which version you have purchased (LarianVault, Steam, GOG, boxed retail etc.).
  • Type of problem: Please describe the problem as clearly as possible so that we may help you more effectively. Please include the following information:
    • When does this problem occur?
    • Does this problem occur each time you play?
  • A DirectX Diagnostic report. Attaching the screenshot to your initial mail will allow us to offer you faster support.
  • How to make the DirectX Diagnostic report:
  • Click Start
  • Click Run
  • In the open box, type dxdiag and then click OK
  • In the tool that pops up, click the button “Save All Information” and choose a location for the file. • Attach this file to your email.

Support Tool
Should this not help you, please download and run the following support tool (, which will create a diagnostic report.
Please send the report.xml generated by the tool to together with the following information:

  • Language and version: Tell us what language you are running and which version you have purchased (LarianVault, Steam, GOG, boxed retail etc.).
  • Type of problem: Please describe the problem as clearly as possible so that we may help you more effectively. Please include the following information:
  • When does this problem occur?
  • Does this problem occur each time you play?

Good to know
DirectX 9.0cは同じ名前でも異なるバージョンが存在するため、MicrosoftのウェブサイトやインストールDVDからインストールを行う。

System Recommended (P5)

  • 最小構成要件/Minimum system requirements:
    • Operating System: Windows XP/VISTA/7
    • CPU: Intel® CoreTM2 Duo 2.4 Ghz or equivalent
    • RAM: 2 GB (XP) 3 GB (Vista, Windows 7)
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce® 8800 GT (512 MB RAM) or equivalent
    • Sound: DirectX® 9.0c compatible; DirectX® 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 15 GB
    • Network: 256kbps or faster broadband conection

  • 推奨構成要件/Recommended system requirements:
    • Operating System: Windows XP/VISTA/7
    • CPU: Intel® i5 2400 (3.1 Ghz-3.4GHz) or equivalent
    • RAM: 4GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 550 TI (1 GB RAM) or equivalent
    • Sound: DirectX® 9.0c compatible; DirectX® 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 30 GB
    • Network: 256kbps or faster broadband conection

Insert the Divinity: Dragon Commander DVD-ROM 1 into your DVD-ROM drive. When the Start-Up screen appears, click Install and follow the instructions on the screen.
If the Start-Up screen does not appear, double-click on the “My Computer” icon on your desktop, then double-click the DVD-ROM drive containing the Divinity: Dragon Commander DVD-ROM. Locate and double click on Setup.exe to launch the Start screen. Click Install and follow the instructions on the screen.
‘Please note that Steam requires an internet connection in order to install and activate the game on your Steam account.

You will be asked to enter the unique CD key located on the back page of this manual. You must have a valid CD key to complete the installation process and play the game.
DirectX 9.0c IS REQUIRED
You are required to have DirectX 9.0c installed to play Divinity: Dragon Commander. Even if you are running Windows Vista or higher, you will still need to install DirectX9.0c.
If the installation did not install DirectX9.0c for any reason, please install it manually. It is included on the installation disc.


  • Gameplay Options
    • チュートリアルの有無と難易度の設定を行う。
  • Video Settings
    • 画面解像度やテクスチャの質などのグラフィックオプションを調整する。
  • Audio
    • 音量などのオーディオオプションを調整する。
  • Controls
    • フェイズごとのキーバインドを変更する。
    • Strategy Phase
      • 戦略マップ/Strategy Mapでの操作方法を変更する。
    • General
      • 全般的な操作方法を変更する。
    • Raven Phase
      • Raven上での操作方法を変更する。
    • Combat Phase
      • RTS戦闘での操作方法を変更する。
    • Dragon Combat
      • RTS戦闘でのドラゴン形態での操作方法を変更する。

Foreword (P6)
Dear player
First of all, let me heartily thank you for buying this game! By doing so you are supporting the designs of an independent developer, and that makes all of us at Larian Studios very happy indeed! I’d even go so far as to say that without the support of players like you, Dragon Commander would never have seen the light of day because this game is very much the type of game a traditional publisher would shy away from. Actually, we’ve had to self-publish this one because otherwise it wouldn’t get made, and it’s the support of gamers like you that makes it possible for developers like us to make these one-of-a-kind games.
Somebody recently wrote that Dragon Commander is like a boy’s childhood dream come true: you get to become a dragon with a jetpack, you get to conquer the world and you get to charm a princess. Pretty much everything a young boy dreams of :)

To be fair, the writer of that phrase actually managed to capture a large part of the vision behind Dragon Commander. We set out to create an experience in which you are put in the shoes of an emperor. Our grand idea was to let you make important military, political and personal choices, to devise great strategies, lead your troops into battle and support them with formidable powers. In other words: for YOU to feel like you are truly becoming a dragon commander.
The method behind creating that experience was to mix several gameplay elements from our personal favourite genres. Dragon Commander takes its cue from strategy board games, real time strategy classics and of course: role playing games, including our own.

It’s funny that this type of medley is rather unique nowadays because in a sense it is the kind of game a lot of us grew up with. Back then, video games didn’t have to fit within the confines of one specific, well-defined genre, and developers everywhere were experimenting with all kinds of new forms of gameplay. For a variety of reasons it’s a trend that didn’t continue, but it’s one we have fond memories of, and Dragon Commander is our go at trying to re-introduce this style of game.

We really had a blast making Dragon Commander, and we’re very excited to finally be able to place the game in your hands! We’re convinced there are many features and possibilities in Dragon Commander that nobody expects, and we hope some of them will make you truly think about how you would organize your world were you to be the one in charge.

We furthermore hope you’ll enjoy and remember your game sessions; hope you’ll be surprised each time you play the game again and that above all, that it brings you great gaming pleasure!

See you online on the battlefield! Sincerely,
Swen ‘Lar’ Vincke

The Story So Far (P7-9)
This is the world the Architect—and if he was ever called by another name, none knew it—beheld: a world contemptuous of diplomacy and numb to crisis.
Swayed by no lesser force than military might, its rulers could never be danced, only dragged, toward peace.
It is uncertain whether the Architect approached the demon or if the demon sought the credulous mortal itself. Perhaps the human craved the solution to war so ardently that he summoned the dream-walker himself.
Perhaps the bloodthirsty creature saw in the Architect a welcoming host and came to him in a dream, offering tantalising promises of peace and power.
However it happened, the demon revealed war machines of unmatched strength and ingenuity to the hapless mortal, who became the human master of peerless military might.

In exchange, the Architect paid an untold price, perhaps a sum wrought from his very soul.
The Architect’s intentions seemed pure, and perhaps they truly were.
He came to the warlord Sigurd and offered the elusive end to Rivellon’s ancient strife.
The strange machines in glittering bronze and blazing fire were more than technological curios—they held within them the promise of empire.
Yes, a united realm, in which all races would live together as allies instead of foes.
Sigurd was not so foolish to decline and risk letting these indefatigable machines fall into the hands of one who might use them to subjugate rather than to unite.
He could not have known that he marveled before the tools of a terrible and ravenous demon.


Steered by the wise counsel of Maxos, Sigurd steered led with a warlord’s prowess the most feared of the oft-embattled factions of Rivellon. But now, led by the Architect’s great machines, they were unstoppable. In a few short years, the three had subdued every warring region within the realm and united them under a single banner.

For three decades, Rivellon enjoyed an unprecedented peace. The chastened races prospered in their unity, and Sigurd was a trusted king. For three decades, fields untrampled by the boots of warriors yielded harvest. For three decades, lizards and elves, imps and undead, humans and wizards linked their fates toward mutual prosperity. But the prosperity was too rare, too enchanting in its beauty and strangeness, to be left well enough alone.

The dragon Aurora, peering upon mortal affairs from the realm of the ancients, grew fascinated by the stillness of the once war-torn realm. Intrigued by the mighty yet humble Sigurd and his panoply of strange machines, the great dragon hemmed herself in the form of a woman and paid a visit to court.

This innocent act would spell the empire’s ruin. Both Sigurd and the Architect were instantly spellbound by the stranger’s unparalleled loveliness; both swore to win her hand, though Sigurd was already a husband of many years; both swore, and yet it was the king who won her affections. When the Architect realised his defeat as a suitor, something within him tore. His longstanding affection for Sigurd became engulfed in a blaze of hateful envy and wounded pride. As Aurora and Sigurd nestled into their fledgling romance, the Architect fled the court.

For twelve months, the Architect showed neither his face nor the tiniest mote of the corruption he brewed. Aurora and Sigurd were bound together in bliss and passionate love, if not by marriage; Aurora never revealed her true nature, and Sigurd never suspected that his companion were anything but the enchanting woman he had met at court. Eventually, their union bore an adored child. Spared an untimely end at the hands of Sigurd’s spurned queen, the child was entrusted to the wizard Maxos, who placed him in the care of a loving family. There, he would grow up unknown to any enemies and unaware of the tragedies that followed soon after his birth.

With Sigurd and Aurora enthralled with one another, the Architect plotted violent revenge against his former friend.
Consumed by spite, he sold his being entire to the same demon that had granted him knowledge of the great machines so instrumental to peace in Rivellon.
The demon revealed the formula for a powerful poison that could bring low even a mighty and ancient dragon like Aurora; in return, the Architect gave up his very body and soul.

He watched as his one-time beloved withered and perished before the rising of the sun.
The grotesque spectacle of her rapid decay, and the knowledge of the anguish the king would now suffer, delighted his vengeful heart.

Bereft of his life’s greatest joy, the great king fell into despondence. With the great conqueror asleep at the helm of the empire, the once war-like races of Rivellon found the thread that once bound them swiftly unraveling.

Meantime, the demon was busy.
He slithered from dream to dream among Sigur’s sleepng children, now grown and powerful rulers within the empire, parading visions of the same military machines used by Sigur to subdue Rivellon.
Lulled in impressionable sleep, each heard and heeded the demon’s message, believing themselves to be the lone disciple chosen to seize the empire.
Thus, unknown to each other, the sons and daughters of Sigurd prepared for war on the capital.
Finally, the dream-walker gave his command: Each nation attacked the capital in a great, infernal strike. The city’s walls were quickly reduced to ash; Sigurd, now a useless old man undone by grief, perished in the assault.

The demon, manifested from his own otherworldly hellscape, grins like a wolf over a carcass. His vision of a land torn asunder by chaos and death will soon be realised. The seeds of discord and violence he has long sown have now begun to sprout. Rivellon, so recently blessed with peace, rots like a corpse and the fiend, the demon Corvus, speeds its decay.

There remains a sole defence against the bloodthirsty and heart-poisoned commanders of the war machines that will soon destroy all of Rivellon. The Dragon Knight, the product of King Sigurd’s union with the great Aurora, has remained hidden away and uncorrupted by the demon’s machinations. Only he, half-dragon, can wield magic ancient and powerful enough to combat the scheming villain.

しかしDragon Knightは独りで大戦を導いていったわけではない。
When a thousand mechanical wonders unleashed hell on the capital, Maxos knew the embittered Architect must have been involved and traced him to his ship, the Raven.
Surprising the loathsome visage of his one-time friend, the Architect, now infected entirely by the demon, Maxos weaved an ancient spell that bound the fiend to the ship itself, confining him in body if not in spirit.

It is this ship that the son of Aurora and Sigurd navigates on his quest to restore order to Rivellon.
It is on this ship that the Dragon Knight will wage war not only against the corrupted armies of the empire, but against the soul of chaos itself.

Quick-start of Dragon Commander (P10-11)

どのターン中でも、あなたはRavenの戦艦の中にある部屋を自由に動き回ったり、戦略マップ (Strategy Map)に移動することができる。

Ravenの上ではNPCと会話をすることができる。会話中に様々な選択肢を選ぶことで、物語のみならず、戦闘にも影響を与える。また、ユニットを開発したり、アップグレードを行ったり、Dragon Skillを身につけることもできる。

そのターン中にRaven上で全員と会話を終えれば、戦略マップに移ることができる。End Turnボタンを押せば決めた内容を実行できる。

Your AI opponent will then also start moving its units on the map.


Once all conflicts on the Strategy Map have been resolved, the turn ends.
To win the game in single player mode, you have to capture all Capital countries on the Strategy Map to establish your dominant position in Rivellon.

Character Creation (P10-11)

  • あなただけの物語を紡ぐために、あなたの名前を決定する。
  • あなたのドラゴンのタイプを選ぶ。様々な特徴があり、異なるスキルを使うドラゴンの中から決定する。


Pause, Continue, Save & Load (P11)
*Single player mode
セーブを行うためには、メインメニューを開いてSave Gameをクリックする。セーブデータに名前をつけたり、上書きすることができる。また、セーブデータの隣のXボタンを押すことで、そのセーブデータを消去することができる。
セーブデータをロードするためには、メインメニュでLoad Gameをクリックし、データを選択する。


*Multiplayer mode
マルチプレイヤーモードのセーブを読み込むためには、メインメニューでマルチプレイヤーモードを選択したあとにLoad Gameを選択する。ロード後はロビーが形成され、最後のプレイから再会することになる。

note: ホスト側のプレイヤーだけがセーブやロードを行える。

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