Cold Bed on Route (CBoR)

   This page is an introduction to an indie equation-like adventure game "Cold Bed on Route" for iOS.

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Story & Characters

   Cold Bed on Route (CBoR; “Souya Yuku” in Japanese) is an Equation-Like adventure game.

      Have you ever heard of "The Cold Equations", the seminal science fiction novel of the 1950s by Tom Godwin?

   A spaceship sails at the edge of its weight with a goal of risking the lives of many people. An unscheduled person stows away on the ship.

   If the stowaway is not thrown out of the ship, the spacecraft will be overweight and unable to follow its original course, making it impossible to save lives at its destination.

   However, if the stowaway is thrown out into space, he will of course die.

   Finally, considering the number of lives that can be saved, there is no choice but to kill and abandon the stowaways in order to save as many lives as possible.

   This is the basic structure of "The Cold Equations" and other works called "equation-like stories". CBoR is inspired by "The Cold Equations" and its basic flow follows the "equation-like story".

   The story takes place on a spaceship drifting in the cold space - the small ship, which looks more like a plant seed than a spaceship, is called the Final Emergency Boat (FEB), designed to be ultra-compact and ultra-light.

   Because this work is an equation-like story, there is a stowaway.

   The heroine of "The Cold Equations" is a fragile girl who stows away to meet her brother.
   GIRL in CBoR is different. She is an artificial human called DOGGIE. DOGGIE has animal ears to distinguish her from humans. Her body is equipped with flesh, bones, and blood just like humans, but she is far stronger and more intelligent than humans.
   Work with her to find and dump unwanted items. And make up for the extra weight that comes with having her on board - which is a bit, a lot, heavier than it looks.

   The ship also has a dependable ally: the AI on board FEB.

   Initially, the mission-first AI demands that you dump the girl, but once you decide to save her, it will cooperate fully. Since it doesn't have a human-like body, it can only play an auxiliary role, but it will surely be useful - or should we abandon it to make the ship lighter?

   Finally let me introduce you, PILOT.

   As the pilot of the final emergency ship, your mission is to go to a frontier planet where a plague has broken out and deliver a serum.


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Q & A

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 Title: Cold Bed on Route ("Soya Yuku" in Japanease)

 Platform: iOS
 Genre: Equation-like Adventure 
 Illustration & Design: Akira FUYUMURA (Twitter) 
 Price: 120 Yen (expected)
 Date: 2021 (expected) 

 Developed by: Old Retina Museum 


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